Foley artist Liukkonen

Behind every captivating auditory experience, there’s an artist who weaves magic into sound. Tapio Liukkonen is that visionary, a trailblazer in the realm of Foley artistry.

In early years Tapio was dreaming about movie director or cinematography career but little he knew. His Martial Arts background eventuate use his skills in Foley. Physique, rhythmic, feeling and passion unites in Foley artistry and Tapio found his dream career which he
have been following since first steps of Foley.

With an unerring ear for detail and a passion for sonic storytelling, Tapio is the creative genius responsible for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Footsteps become heartbeats, raindrops become whispers, and silence becomes suspense under their deft touch.


Foley props are the brushes of the sound painter, each stroke creating vibrant audio tapestries that breathe life into moving pictures. They are the actors on a silent stage, delivering performances that are felt rather than heard. They are the architects of emotion, shaping the atmosphere that envelops you in every cinematic experience. At Kaamos Sound we are humbled by the privilege of housing a remarkable foley props collection. It’s a modest testament to our unwavering commitment to the art of sound, and it holds within it the power to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Foley props machines
Foley props jewellery

Foley stage

Our Foley Stage is more than just a room; it’s a sanctuary for sound. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and acoustically designed for precision, it’s where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and reality blends seamlessly with imagination.

The stage is equipped with a range of surfaces and materials that mimic different environments and textures. These may include hardwood floors, gravel pits, carpets, grassy areas, and various types of dirt or sand.

High-quality microphones are strategically placed around the stage to capture the Foley artist’s performances. Multiple microphones may be used to capture different perspectives and ensure every sound detail is recorded.

Foley editing

We don’t just edit sound; we sculpt it. Every footstep, props, or cloth is a work of art, meticulously refined and impeccably synchronized to create an auditory tapestry that elevates your narrative.

Foley props machines