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”Exellence in Audio”
- IGF 2011 (Jens Nilsson, Mikko Tarmia, Tapio Liukkonen)


"Tapio's work goes beyond the obvious; his attention to the tiniest of details and sounds has brought our World War I film to life with an authenticity I am proud of and that enhances the subtleties and nuanced movements of the images and action on screen."
- David Cormican, Year of the Skunk Productions, Film Producer

”Tapio’s work has far exceeded my expectations every time I've collaborated with him. I would assume that I'd get used to his work ethic by now but but it's been a pleasure and a surprise each time. His soundscape enhanced our projects so very much. Tapio is the first and only person I recommend, in his field, to other media-makers!”
- Laurence Cohen, Aurora Lightworks, Director

”I contacted Tapio after hearing the great audio in Amnesia, and he brought the same level of audio quality to Overgrowth!”
- David Rosen, Wolfire Games, CEO


”9/10 - Sound”
- Game On, Magicka: Vietnam DLC PC review by Neil Hetherington

"9.0 - Sound
Strings, voices, and a wealth of haunting effects play a significant role in making this such a frightening game."

- IGN, Amnesia: The Dark Descent review Charles Onyett
amnesia,dark descent,sound effects,horror

"Horror-show sound effects that will keep you on the edge of your seat"
- Gamespot, Amnesia: The Dark Descent review by Brett Todd

””...sound are just fabulous.”
- AppCroc, CocoLoco review

”I loved the cute little animations and magical sounds. The world is certainly colourfull and very appealing to the eye. The sound effects and music are great”
-, Storm In A Teacup review by Jane Jones

”Visually the game´s absolutely delicious to look at... Sound production is of a similiar quality too, with plenty of tinkling tuneage to wrap your lugholes around”
- All About The Games, Storm In A Teacup review by Phil May

The odd sound effects seem taken from real life objects, and hence sound like they should.
- TouchGen, Casey´s Contraptions review by Torbjorn Kamblad

”The sound effects are clear and crisp.”
- Game on mac, Minigore review by Elizabeth Tran

"The sound of enemies dying and bullets firing is also top notch. At times I felt like my iTouch had a rumble built in because of the excellent sound "
- Pocket Insider, Minigore review

"The audio is also superb. The soundtrack compliments the gameplay perfectly, and the sound effects really pull every other aspect of the game together."
- Appmodo, Minigore review by Jason